Sanistål, SAP and serious learning pathways

Just like many other big companies, Sanistål faced the SAP implementation, which meant an entirely new IT system affecting every part of the company´s future processes. In itself, implementing a new, complex IT system, which obviously entails updating of the company’s digital platform, is a big deal – yet, equally important is to take into heed all the employees at the other end of the system, who all have to adopt the system in order to optimize their work procedures as much as possible.

SAP is one of the world’s biggest IT systems that is integrated in all processes and work flow – and therefore, it is crucial that the implementation of the system does not stop in relation to the technical part.


Sanitstål is Denmark’s leading distributor in plumbing and VA, fittings, electrical technology, tools, machines, technical appliances, steel and metal. With 1.600 employees, primarily in Denmark and with representation in the Baltic States, Germany and Poland, Sanistål, as a supplier of solutions to construction and industry, has to be both competitive and ensure close interaction in their value chain.


In order for Sanistål to be in the lead and create new business concepts that help develop their customer’s competitiveness, it is obvious that the company has to take IT security very seriously,  as well as product training, e-commerce and implementation of SAP. It is exactly in these areas that Sanistål works with competency development, by means of digital learning in cooperation with Conzentrate.


We are not SAP experts – we are education experts

At Conzentrate, we are not SAP experts but we have lots of experience with learning and competency development in companies. It was also with focus on learning and education that we initiated the working relationship with Sanistål.

In larger companies, such as Sanistål, where a new ERP system supports all work flows in sales, purchasing, finances, production and logistics, all education cannot be carried out in a classroom. The reasons are that it is too costlyand time-consuming to extract groups of employees  from their work stations and because classroom training alone is not efficient enough. Sanistål wanted to make sure that all employees had all the required knowledge to make the transition to SAP run as smoothly as possible.


In relation to the learning part, Conzentrate has the competences when it comes to the connection between eLearning and classroom training, from which Sanistål profits. Conzentrate has given professional support, which has made the process easy.

Project Manager, Rasmus Christjansen

Our experience tells us that companies should take education very seriously. It is therefore important to carefully plan a course of learning and education in relation to the end user.


In the course with Sanistål, Conzentrate has designed 40 modules with subcategories that represent the work procedures dealing with order placement and invoicing. Additionally, these modules visually and linguistically create recognizability to the employees’ regular processes. Especially the recognizability in the system is important in order to understand and get to know the new system and its functions. The e-learning modules are designed in a way that makes it possible for the employees to complete them whenever they have the time. This also assists the employees’ acquisition. Moreover, the course featured classroom training to follow up on the training that was based on e-learning.


During the whole process, it has been important for Conzentrate to have a close working relationship with Sanistål, in order to follow up on and coordinate the learning process and create the best result.


Conzentrate encourages a good working relationship with openness and they act as a small flexible company that can manage a big company’s task and big complex project.

Project Manager, Rasmus Christjansen


Productive e-learning

Besides the implementation of SAP, we have worked together with Sanistål to create a course of training within IT security and e-commerce. This makes it possible for the employees to be trained and educated in the obstacles that can occur in those certain areas.


The match has been good, a friendly tone, a good environment and the expectations have been met.

Project Manager, Rasmus Christjansen


The working relationship has been productive for both Conzentrate and Sanistål and has created resource saving education and training through e-learning. The working relationship is a good example of how a big company, with a strong professional foundation and with interest in competency development, can strongly benefit from e-learning and education.

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