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How do you prepare 5,000 employees for the EU General Data Protection Regulation quickly, efficiently and within 3 weeks?

At Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality it was important to be educated in relation to the new regulations and demands of personal data management, before the EU General Data Protection Regulation became effective from May 25th,2018. Since it had to be implemented efficiently, the municipality was not in doubt that eLearning was the right solution.

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality did not have a platform onto which they could distribute eLearning. Therefore, they were interested in finding the right supplier with the right platform. It was particularly important to find a supplier capable of managing a very compact and efficient procedure, within a very limited amount of time as it had to be implemented by the employees as quickly as possible. After consulting several business partners, it was clear that Conzentrate could provide the municipality with its exact requirements.


Conzentrate was selected out of the different suppliers as they, in my opinion, had the most developed system.

IT Specialist, Jesper Rønnov


With Conzentrate’s platform, Learning Arena, the municipality was able to have its wishes fulfilled in relation to the procedure, but also in relation to the technical specifications that Conzentrate provides.


Learning Arena has a rational balance between functionality and complexity and there is also a high level of user-friendliness.

IT Specialist, Jesper Rønnov

One thing that played an important role for the municipality was that Learning Arena has a built-in authoring tool. With this tool, the municipality has the opportunity to design eLearning with text, pictures and sound all by themselves.


With Learning Arena there is a high degree of freedom for the client.

IT Specialist, Jesper Rønnov


Another functionality, that generates value for the municipality is that Learning Arena can track all employee activity and thereby send reports at a specific time automatically. This makes it possible for the municipality to establish an overview of how activities proceed and that a successful goal is reached with the eLearning process.

As mentioned previously, the procedure was within a very limited time frame as the eLearning had to be implemented by the employees as quickly as possible. During the procedure, Conzentrate made sure to be in close dialogue with Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune in order to ensure the best possible outcome within the shortest amount of time. With an efficient working relationship and the right competences, it was possible to have all the work done within three weeks.


It does not take much to reach the people that have the technical competences and the right knowledge. That is especially one of Conzentrate’s strengths.

IT Specialist, Jesper Rønnov

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