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At the Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) they decided to implement e-learning. At first, the term, e-learning, seemed very abstract, but after we, at Conzentrate, presented our platform, Learning Arena, and knowledge on how e-learning can be designed, there was no doubt that Conzentrate was the right match. At Conzentrate, we were able to provide DIF with what they wanted, both in relation to learning and the technical area of Learning Arena.


Conzentrate has a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to e-learning and they have skilled people that are able to deal with the didactic part. Everything is on one platform and it works well.

Project Manager, Peter Gottlieb


We have designed Learning Arena in a way that makes it possible for DIF’s 63 different federations to log on to their own customized platform. This means that when, for example, a member of the Danish Swimming Federation logs on to Learning Arena, he or she is redirected to the Danish Swimming Federation’s very own, unique version with e-learning courses relevant for this specific branch.

Additionally, at Conzentrate, we have designed flexible templates that each federation can use for elearning purposes. However, DIF themselves also have the opportunity to design the content of the different eLearning courses.


Conzentrate’s composer is certainly recommendable since we, without any use of extern tools, could design most of it as we wished.

Project Manager, Peter Gottlieb


Moreover, Conzentrate also made it possible for DIF to assign courses, which means that DIF and their federations can customize which elearning courses their members have access to and when. With this function they can help ensure that the confederations’ members and others get access to those exact courses that are relevant for them.


The fact that you can assign courses automatically on Conzentrate’s platform is particularly unique. They understand our world, have great support and if everything fails there is always one to call. At Conzentrate, you are always heard.

Project Manager, Peter Gottlieb

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