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How do you educate and instruct 600 drivers efficiently?

DANX is the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia and the Baltics, with its own own distribution network in all countries – from Southern Denmark to Northern Finland. DANX covers all aspects of Spare Parts Logistics, including in-nigh distribution, international in-night distribution, and warehousing.


DANX employs approximately 600 drivers with various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Even though these drivers work for other driver agencies, they drive in DANX vehicles and wear DANX uniforms. Therefore, it is important that these drivers are properly instructed in DANX standards and procedures. The big question is, how do you educate and instruct that many drivers with diverse backgrounds most efficiently?


The answer to this question is eLearning, which is why DANX contacted and interviewed various eLearning suppliers. Among these, Conzentrate stood out as the most suitable match for DANX.


Conzentrate met all my expectations. They gave me a clear sense of being able to meet all of my requirements.

Education Manager, Thanasis Mamalis


Conzentrate did not only have the skills to design eLearning for DANX but also to design an app for iOS and android that makes eLearning easily accessible for their drivers. The app allows drivers to access eLearning on their scanners/phones, when they are at work and in their vehicles. This makes it easier than ever for DANX to educate and instruct their drivers. Bearing in mind that the drivers have various nationalities and languages, the eLearning content was translated to languages such as Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian and other European and Scandinavian languages.

The result is very good. It has gained a lot of recognition and the content has received very positive feedback. Drivers are very enthusiastic about it as well.

Education Manager, Thanasis Mamalis


Conzentrate has designed easily, accessible eLearning courses with a 9-20 minutes duration. The eLearning makes it possible for DANX to instruct and educate all their drivers quickly and efficiently, as drivers can access the eLearning directly on their phones or tablets at home and on which other devices they prefer.


Conzentrate had solid and skillful technical competences. There were no hiccups, no problems in the process. Conzentrate had the right concept from the very beginning.

Education Manager, Thanasis Mamalis

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