We believe that competency development is important for all companies that strive to create value and aim to reach the company’s strategic goals. Through digital learning, you can develop your employees’ competences. We always make sure to carry out projects in close cooperation with you, to ensure that the end product meets your demands.

The sky is the limit

Digital learning offers a variety of opportunities. Among many other things, it includes videos, e-learning modules, podcasts, e-books and 3D visualizations.

The ideal choice

Do you seek inspiration and ideas on how to design e-learning courses that are optimal for your development? We advise on and produce e-learning courses to both large and medium-sized companies. If you want competent feedback on how to design your e-learning courses, we can help you to create concept that ensures substantial learning outcomes.


Our 4MAT certified scriptwriters convert your internal introduction- and educational material into manuscripts based on narrativity, interaction and the natural learning cycle. This gives you e-learning courses with meaningful content that creates a good result for your employees.

Professional appearance

The visual experience plays a major part for employees during the learning process. Our graphic designers make sure that your e-learning platform and courses are visually appealing. When developing e-learning courses, the graphic designers work closely together with the scriptwriters and you. This ensures that the course and its visual appearance all come together.


Do you want to strengthen your educational activities with courses in onboarding, compliance, operating procedure, product knowledge, software, sales, safety, hygiene or as an introduction to the workplace? At Conzentrate, we have the required experience within all types of learning and competency development. Thus, we are confident that we will have a fruitful working relationship.

Customized courses

We customize the courses to your company and specific educational requirements. Whether it is courses in onboarding, sale, code of conduct or IT training, we have the solution for you.

Standard courses

Conzentrate provides e-learning courses in areas such as GDPR, IT security, Personal Effectiveness, SMART goals, Comma rules, Management courses and Microsoft Office. Our courses are designed and ready for use. For instance, we have developed an e-learning course in GDPR to ensure that your employees are educated and trained in relation to the new demands of The EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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